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Hail and Storm Damage

Hail and storm damage
Hail & Storm Damage


Natural disasters like hail and storms are a part of life and homeownership. In fact, the amount of stress to manage problems caused by  hail, storm, wind, rain, ice, snow, fallen tree branches and other severe weather conditions are innumerous. JY BEST can help relieve your stress with hassle free services that restore your home by providing you with hail & storm damage repair in a professional, timely fashion. Contact us to learn more about our Allentown Hail & Storm Damage Repair Services.

Check your property after severe weather


Many homeowners do not even know if their dwelling has sustained hail or storm damage. It is understandable because:

  • Cracks on the roof, small dents on the siding, or any other damages due to severe weather can be difficult to see from ground unless you pay close attention.

  • Sagged or discolored paints, water leaks, or cracks on ceiling may be developed for years gradually from small leakages through damages on the exterior.

  • Some problems are just difficult to identify unless you are an expert.


JY BEST provides hassle-free services.


JY BEST Hail and Storm Experts know how important it is to promptly inspect and repair the external damage before it develops the structural damage for your valuable asset. Our experienced team will assist you with:

  • Detailed inspection of external damages (including roof, siding, gutters, skylights and more) to locate issues relating to hail, storm, wind, rain, ice, snow, fallen tree branches, and other severe weathers conditions.

  • Catching additional issues we discover during our inspection.

  • Providing a comprehensive plan to fix the damages at an affordable cost — no more hidden fees or surprise charges.

  • Processing an insurance claim on your side as your contractor.


About JY BEST Roofing


Founded in 2006, JY BEST started as a small roofing subcontractor that has worked for big contractors in the state of CO, MN, OH, VA, MA, NJ, and PA until eventually serving Allentown and southeast Pennsylvania as an independent contractor. We are passionate roofers with 15 years of experience in various towns and states. We pursue long-term relationships with our clients.


We are fully licensed and insured professionals who tackle everything from residential houses to complex commercial projects. Currently, we have acquired GAF certification and BBB certification with rank A+ and in the process of acquiring Owens Corning certification. We understand how to install each type of material and follow the state and the cities code of regulation.


Our clients leave with a greater understanding of the services we provide and save money with competitive prices we set. Please benefit by using our expert craftsmanship and economical service to protect your building.

To Property Owners


JY BEST encourages you to ask questions about your service request. Get in touch today and let our licensed experts help get the job done right.


GET A FREE ESTIMATE TODAY. Call: 610-457-0082 or email: 

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