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Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Services


Increase the value of your property and better protect your belongings, tenants and visitors. For affordable high-quality commercial roofing call JY BEST roofing.


Your business might not need a new roof. Provided that no major damage has taken place, JY BEST roofers can make repairs to an existing rooftop that can extend the life of your commercial roof. Although sometimes a larger repair is necessary, in all cases these temporary roof repairs help buy you time before a new roof will be needed. We will do our best to provide you with a cost-effective, commercial roofing solution.


Our experienced roofers are able to quickly assess what problems exist in your present roof and then advise you on how to correct them. We deal with the leading roofing material manufacturers and, together with our experience, we will find the best solution to your commercial roofing needs.


The next time you have a roofing problem, call us at 610-457-0082; we will come out to your building, identify the problem areas and suggest solutions that fit within your budget.


Founded in 2006, JY BEST started as a small roofing subcontractor that has worked for big contractors in the state of CO, MN, OH, VA, MA, NJ, and PA until eventually serving Allentown and southeast Pennsylvania as an independent contractor. We are passionate roofers with 15 years of experience in various towns and states. We pursue long-term relationships with our clients.


We are fully licensed and insured professionals who tackle everything from residential houses to complex commercial projects. Currently, we have acquired GAF certification and BBB certification with rank A+ and in the process of acquiring Owens Corning certification. We understand how to install each type of material and follow the state and the cities code of regulation.


Our clients leave with a greater understanding of the services we provide and save money with competitive prices we set. Please benefit by using our expert craftsmanship and economical service to protect your building.

Flat roofing
Our Commercial Roofing Services includes:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing:

Asphalt shingle is a type of roof covering which is ideal for a steep roof with versatile appearances. Asphalt is strengthened by glass fibers, and laminated shingles can last for 25-50 years.

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

​This thermoset single-ply membrane is also known as "rubber roofs." EPDM is widely used on commercial flat roof. It is durable and resistant to stress and impact damage.

  • Modified Bitumen (APP torch down or SBS cold press)

Mod-bit is an ideal choice for flat roof covering which includes a coating of 3 modified bitumen melt welded layers and common use of a blowtorch to make a waterproof and impenetrable seal. It has more water resistance and durability than BUR (also knowns as "gravel and tar" roofs).

Which one is best to choose? Roof repairs or replacements:


If you are observing damage and small leaks to your old commercial roof, then it can be as simple as repairing a small section. If you haven’t done any roof work in 10-20 years, it is advised to consider replacing your roof for long-term benefit. Your selection depends on your budget, condition of the roof, age of the roof and your future i.e. how many years you want to stay in that building.

Repair: Roof repair service is quick and fast to refine the specific damage area of the roof. It will not increase the lifespan of the roof, so you can choose this option in case of emergency or to save your money temporarily.

Replacement: Roof replacement is comprehensive in time, but the new roof will have a long life span. You can choose this option if you are willing to do a long-time investment in your property.


To Commercial Clients


JY BEST encourages you to ask questions about your commercial property or service request. Get in touch today and let our licensed experts help get the job done right.


GET A FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Call: 610-457-0082 or email:

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